Why is Pakistan Set To Become The World’s Most Dangerous Country?

Is Pakistan set to become World’s Most Dangerous Country? Pakistan is headed to be the fifth largest nuclear weapons state but also faces a severe economic crisis and foreign debt. While the US Defence Intelligence Agency forecasted in 1999 that Pakistan will have about 60 to 80 nuclear warheads by 2020, the nuclear heads of Pakistan already exceed 140 and may touch 250 by 2025. But why do these figures make Pakistan the World’s Most Dangerous Country?

The US has stated that in case the present trend of hike in Pakistan’s nuclear stockpile continues, Pakistan will soon become the fifth largest nuclear state in the world. These developments in the nuclear capabilities of Pakistan concerns other nations too in addition to the US and India. India and Pakistan already share a plethora of conflicts because of which they are often seen at loggerheads and a nuclear strong Pakistan poses a security threat to India and also deters the world.

The report named as Pakistani Nuclear Forces 2018 highlights the fact that Pakistan is building a vast nuclear arsenal at a fast pace. Analysis of the satellite images of certain military facilities and air force bases hint at underground nuclear facilities and mobile launchers which might be related to nuclear forces.

Pakistan’s uranium-enriching facilities are increasing and several delivery systems are being developed. The four plutonium development reactors too are working at a fast pace with the aim to further strengthen the nuclear stockpile of Pakistan.

While denuclearisation has been realised by the global community as the need of the hour, Pakistan is walking towards taking giant leaps in terms of its nuclear capacity. However, at the same time, Pakistan faces unprecedented economic woes and is desperately seeking IMF or Chinese bailout package.

At this pace of building nuclear weapons along with a rapid decline in the economy and accused of being the hub of global terrorism, Pakistan seems to be getting more and more dangerous with this lethal combination and set to become World’s Most Dangerous Country.

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