Pakistan Planned the Murder of Afghan Police Chief Who Opposed Durand Line: Experts

Afghan experts see the direct involvement of Pakistan in the terror attack and assassination of Gen. Abdul Raziq, the police chief of Kandahar. Gen. Aziz was turning out to be a massive hurdle for Pakistan and the plot to assassinate him was planned by Islamabad, according to experts. EurAsian Times analyses a report from ToloNews.

Gen. Abdul Raziq was a strong face against the Taliban had repeatedly accused Pakistan of interference in internal affairs of Afghanistan. In a recent move, Gen. Raziq ordered his troops to prevent Pakistani forces from building fences along the Durand Line in areas related to Spin Boldak district in Kandahar.

“The fundamental reason for the assassination of Gen. Raziq were the remarks of Pakistani army generals who told the Kandahar corps commander that Gen. Raziq is violating the central government’s order on building fences along the Durand Line. Therefore, it was decided there by Pakistan army that Gen. Raziq should not remain in the region anymore,” said Matiullah Kharoti, a political affairs analyst.

“They (attackers) did not enter the province by parashot from the air. They were directed and they were taken there. What has happened there (in Kandahar) was from inside,” said Atiqullah Amarkhail, a military affairs analyst.

“His place cannot be filled by anyone and the security will be affected somehow. I hope that government will pay attention to this matter and appoint a right person instead of him,” Khalid said. In one of his recent speeches last week, Raziq had assured the people to ensure a safe environment for October 20 elections in Kandahar.

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