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Pakistan Navy Hosting RSAHC Meet To Enhance Hydrographic Capabilities.

Pakistan Navy is hosting the 8th ROPME Sea Area Hydrographic Commission (RSAHC) at Islamabad from 18 to 20 February 2019. The RSAHC meet will discuss the nautical charting, capacity building, and regional hydrographic cooperation.

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The Representatives of member states and International Hydrographic Organisation, as well as Pakistan’s MoD and MoPDR, attended the inaugural session including Pakistan’s Director International Hydrographic Organisation, Rear Admiral (r) Mustafa Iptes. The meeting is also being attended by leading industrial partners in maritime survey technologies.

The RSAHC meet will discuss a matter related to nautical charting, capacity building, and regional hydrographic cooperation. Each member would present their national report highlighting the progress made towards increasing the area surveyed and charted by modern and reliable means to establish a mechanism for supporting coastal states in capacity building.

RSAHC is established by the International Hydrographic Organization to coordinate hydrographic activities around the globe and promote the safety of shipping. Currently, Pakistan is Chairman of RSAHC which includes North Arabian Sea, Gulf, Gulf of Oman, and Strait of Hormuz. Other members of this Commission are Bahrain, Iran, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia whereas France, UK, and the USA are associate members.

Since its establishment in the year 2000, Pakistan has been a leading nation in RSAHC region. Pakistan Hydrographic Office’s understanding and quality work are acknowledged at the international level. Pakistan has earned a State of Art new survey vessel that will be delivered by Sep 2019. The services of this ship will boost Pakistan’s hydrographic capabilities.

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