Pakistan Imported Medicines Worth 136 Crores From India in 2019

Pakistan imported medicines and vaccines worth 136,99,87,000 from India in 2019, its Health Ministry has said. Express News reported that the imported medicines included life-saving drugs, tablets, syrups and vaccines.

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According to figures announced by the Pakistan Health Ministry in Senate on Friday, the country imported drugs and vaccines worth (Pakistani) 15,43,17,000 in January;22,32,47,000 in February; 19,37,37,000 in March;11,10,42,000 in April; 18,96,47,000 in May and 4,89,12,000 from India.

Demanding that the Senate be informed about which medicines and vaccines were being imported from India, Senator Abdul Rehman Malik said the government must curb the shortage of snake venom serum and rabies vaccines in Pakistan by making it mandatory for local manufacturers to produce these vaccines in addition to expensive medical products.

“It’s a pity that medicines are being imported from India and China when Pakistan is self-sufficient in the medical raw material. Vaccines made here would be much more affordable,” he added.