Pakistan Has Placed Strategic Missiles Near The Indian Border: Satellite Images Reveal

Pakistan has moved its missile and strategic weapons closer to the Indian border as tensions between both nations have been escalating after unrelenting cross border shelling along the Line of Control. 

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The satellite images indicated the new position of the missiles which is now nearer to the Indian border. The LY-80 missile is believed to have been strategically moved to a base in the city of Lahore which is just 14 miles away from the India- Pakistan border, reports the

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The LY-80 aka HQ16A is a Chinese-manufactured medium-range missile system with the ability to engage aerial targets at high altitude and can intercept targets at a distance of40km.

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First used by the Pakistan army in  March 2017, the LY-80 missile is also equipped with six firing missile containers locked in two rows of three, which can shoot at a speed in excess of 600mph.

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The decision to move their missiles closer to India can be seen as a threatening gesture as the two countries are engaged in brutal disputes over Kashmir. India also accuses Pakistan of sending militants across the border and fan separatism in the region.