Pakistan Gazes As MQM Leader Congratulates PM Modi On Election Victory

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Altaf Hussain congratulated PM Narendra Modi for the landslide victory of BJP-led NDA government in the recently concluded elections.

“People of India have trusted him once again with a heavy mandate. The way he struggled for progress and development of India in all sections during his last five years as the Prime Minister of India is commendable and hence India has emerged as a leading country with a sound economy in the South East Asian region,” said Hussain.

“BJP’s victory is the victory of the democratic people of India as the country does not allow or accept any influence of the influential military junta or the feuds but always listens to the mandate of the people and provides equal opportunities for all,” he added.

The MQM leader opined that the reason why India secured its pure democratic system lies in the fact that soon after the freedom from the English empire, the country eliminated the feudal system and introduced and implemented extensive land reforms.

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On the contrary, Pakistan allowed the decayed feudal system to flourish under the umbrella of the demonic military establishment. People of Pakistan are in chains and are being oppressed at the hands of the corrupt consortium of the feuds and the military junta.

Hussain said that Pakistan is an occupied territory and the people of the country are slaves to the ghoulish military junta and their partners, the corrupt feudal elites.

“In every country, the armed forces carry forward and implement what the civilian governments assign to them but sadly, in Pakistan, the demonic military junta has acquired a face and shape of a completely commercial entity,” said Hussain.

“Pakistan’s military is a business entity in the non-declared corporate sector,” said the MQM founder leader. “Undoubtedly, it is more than a professional army – a unit of industry or group of industries. Pakistan army’s list of businesses is very long – from banks to filling stations, from vegetable mongering to beef supplier, from housing societies to land grabbing and real estate businesses, from the unlawful sale of water to the citizens from their stolen water through unlawful hydrants to private TVs.”

“BJP’s sweeping victory is, in fact, a victory of the people of India, democratic system because India has totally restricted the influence and interference of the armed forces in country political affairs,” Hussain opined.

He said the ghoulish military junta of Pakistan is the sole controlling authority of all national institutions from the judiciary to press, from Parliament to political parties, from bureaucracy to administration. Raising voices against demonic military’s interference in politics, administration and any other civilian and democratic matter is an unpardonable offence and whosoever dares to do so becomes extinct.

“The demonic, cunning and tyrant military establishment of Pakistan has enslaved the people of Pakistan and chained them in oppressive tactics,” Hussain went on to say.

He claimed that MQM was founded in a chain reaction to the atrocities and injustices, inequality and utter despondency. MQM revolutionised the politics in Pakistan by raising the people from middle and lower middle classes and it was from the platform of the Movement that a common man emerged as Parliamentarian for the first time I history of Pakistan.

“It was the MQM that challenged the demonic military of Pakistan and its tactics to control the country’s resources and democratic system,” said Hussain. “The MQM paid the price after the armed platoons of the demonic army of Pakistan and its wild paramilitary packs of savages invaded the MQM and closed the party offices and secretariat.”

The MQM leader said that the shameless military of Pakistan shed blood of innocent Mohajirs and the streets of Karachi were bathed in their blood.

“Though the bloody military operation against the MQM caused its struggle to slow down, the struggle is actively going on till date and if the MQM had not been a victim of repeated deadliest military crackdowns, it might have done a great job in eliminating the military’s role and control in every section of life except defence of the country for which they are raised and paid,” he concluded.