Pakistan’s JF-17 Thunder Fighter Jets Deployed Near the Indian Border

Pakistan’s deployment of JF-17 Thunder Fighter Jet along the Indian border is raising some eyebrows within India. Pakistan has deployed a fleet of Chinese JF-17 Fighter Jets near the Gujarat border after developing an air base in the region. JF-17 Thunder is a multi-role combat aircraft jointly developed by Pakistan and China. It is highly capable of ground attack, aerial reconnaissance and aircraft interception.

After a long time, Pakistan seems to be intensifying its presence near the Saurashtra-Kutch region. As reported by India Today, Pakistan has set up a modern airbase for military aircraft operations in Bholari. This area lies close to the India-Pakistan border in Gujarat. Pakistan Air Force is all set to deploy a fleet of its JF-17 fighter jets at this airbase. Sources informed that the airbase has been present for a long time now. However, the intensification of operations from here and fighter jets being deployed for combat is only a recent affair.

In response to this base set up by Pakistan, India has already cleared the setting up of a forward fighter base in Deesa, Gujarat.

Pakistan has bought a large fleet of the JF-17 thunder fighter from China to counter the capabilities of the Indian Air Force. The Pakistan Air Force has more than 100 units of the JF-17 fighters. It is capable of deploying air to surface,  as well as air to air missiles.

These fighter jets were inducted in 2011 to meet the Pakistan Air Force’s requirements of fighter jets which are affordable, ultra modern and capable of multi-role combats. These were meant to replace the large fleet of Dassault Mirage fighter jets. They were built under a joint venture between Pakistan and China with a cost of USD 500 million divided equally among the two.

Myanmar, Nigeria and Pakistan are the current operators of the JF-17 fighters. Besides these many nations have shown interest in buying the JF-17 fighters.

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