India Winning, China Happily Losing the Population Battle to India

India and China are among the most populated nations in the world, with China leading the list and India following behind at second spot. But the population of India is all set to overtake China, to emerge as Worlds’ Most Populated Country on Planet. China’ population at present stands at 137.8 crores while that of India is 132.4 crores. Chinese Experts believe that by 2050, China’s population will only be 65% of India’s population.

‘Make in India’ gone wrong?

The population explosion has become a critical issue for India to address. Seems like India’s ‘Make in India’ initiative is taking India’s population to places with children being the much-endorsed products under the Make In India scheme. India’s massive population and the struggle to create proportional job opportunities, standards of living, education and healthcare facilities have been woeful. The analytics which hints at the fact that India is headed to be the most populous nation throws a big challenge at India.

Experts call for an end to China’s family planning policy

Chinese experts argue that China must do away with its family planning policy as by 2050 China’s population will only be 65% of India’s population. Experts also stated that if China maintains a fertility rate of 1.2% then by 2100 China’s population will just be 32% of India’s population. As reported by Global Times, a Chinese researcher Yi Fuxian said that China must look to reform its social structure for which doing away with the family planning policy shall be the first step.

Yi Fuxian also stated that China has entered a low fertility trap and China’s ageing population will hinder the economic growth of China. Hence, given the trends and keeping economic development in mind, China must scrap the restrictions on the number of Children for its citizens.

In May, a report from Bloomberg reported that China may quash all restrictions related to the number of Children. It even predicted that China may make an announcement for the same in 2019.