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Pakistan is the Biggest Enemy of Afghanistan, India a Defence Partner: Former NDS Chief

Pakistan remains the biggest threat to Afghanistan and an enemy will always be an enemy. In a direct attack on Islamabad, Afghan intelligence chief Amrullah Saleh said that Afghanistan’s policy on Pakistan remains “flawed” and Kabul has failed to take a strong stand against Islamabad. Afghanistan has been accusing Pakistan of harbouring the leadership of the Taliban who have ravaged the nations with innumerable attacks. 

Saleh said that Kabul never tried to propel the “cost of war” for Islamabad and always took a “high moral ground” in the faith that Pakistan would reciprocate, which unfortunately never happened.

The former chief of Afghanistan’s National Directorate of Security (NDS) said, “There is no Afghan dossier on Pakistan in the UN Security Council. We have not presented a state stamped dossier declaring Pakistan our enemy to the United Nations with the hope that things might settle one day, but Pakistan has always disappointed.

“An enemy is an enemy. You can only reach a peace deal with your enemy only if you call him an enemy. But just to break the ice in a meeting and make it cordial, you are calling your enemy, your brother, this is no way you can make peace.” 

Admitting that Afghanistan’s policy towards Pakistan is full of blemishes, Saleh said Afghan President Ashraf Ghani stated that Pakistan has “launched an undeclared war against us”, but never discussed how to counter the undeclared war.

At times, in order to appease Pakistan, Afghanistan has been wary of declaring India as a defence ally. We keen explaining to Islamabad that India is our economically, cultural ally, Bollywood ally, but we should openly declare Indian our military ally,” said Saleh

Saleh accused Pakistan of harbouring terrorists and cited the examples of Mullah Mansoor, Osama bin Laden, Haqqanis, Mullah Omar, Taliban’s Quetta Shura, as having had taken shelter in Pakistan.

“If this is known, why are we putting our entire force to kill the expendable Taliban, not their strategic centre? So those who say we fought and it didn’t work, we have to have a definition for the fight, where did we fight them. Wherever we fought them, they got defeated. We did not fight them in Pakistan that is where they are alive,” he said.

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