Pakistan to Drag Netherlands to the UN over Anti-Islam Acts

Pakistan will approach the UN to lodge a formal complaint against the Netherlands. Imran Khan during his first address in the Senate lashed out at the Netherlands which earlier proposed a ‘Draw Mohammad Cartoon Competition’ and in strong words, called such acts as being derogatory for Islam and Muslims.

What is the issue all about?

Geert Wilders of the Dutch Party of Freedom had earlier organised a cartoon drawing competition in the Netherlands which was held as being demeaning to Islam. The Islamophobic leader proposed a cartoon competition for drawing Prophet Mohammad (an act forbidden in Islam)

Pakistan’s assembly also passed a resolution to condemn the proposed competition. The Senate expressed concerns that this competition demeaning Prophet will trigger hatred, insecurity, racial discrimination, prejudices and conflicts.

The Senate has also decided to lodge a formal complaint with the Dutch government through its embassy in the Netherlands. The upper house of the Pakistan assembly also decided to engage the European Union for acting against the notorious Dutch politician.

Lawmakers in Pakistan also suggested the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Inter-Faith Harmony to constitute of Muslim and intellectuals to take up the issue. This committee will be responsible for preventing any derogatory movies, books, texts and cartoons.

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