Pakistan Detains 2 Chinese Citizens, 3 Local Females For Human Trafficking at Islamabad Airport

Pakistan security agencies arrested two Chinese citizens at the Islamabad airport as part of the ongoing probe into fake marriages scams and human trafficking operations by Chinese gangs. The immigration officials also took into custody three Pakistani women who were accompanying the Chinese men.

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Officials said the two Chinese men and two of the Pakistani women were found to be married, while the third woman also said she was married to a Chinese man who was not travelling with her at the moment.

The suspects were due to leave for China when they were stopped by FIA officials. The arrests are the latest in a series of operations against Chinese nationals accused of trafficking Pakistani women to China. On May 6, the FIA arrested eight Chinese men said to be involved in trafficking Pakistani girls to China under the guise of marriage.

The matter took an even more sinister turn when some of the victims came forward saying they were forced into prostitution. They said the women who resisted were used for illegal organ transplants.

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On Friday, the government of China issued an official statement on the matter saying that if any organisation or individual commits a crime in Pakistan under the guise of cross-border marriage, Beijing will support Islamabad in cracking down on such activities in accordance with Pakistani law.

In a statement, a spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Pakistan said, “China’s position on the issue of transnational marriage is very clear, that is to protect legitimate marriages and combat crimes. If any organisation or individual commits a crime in Pakistan under the banner of the cross-border marriage, China supports the Pakistani side to crack down on it according to Pakistani laws.”

“The Ministry of Public Security of China sent a task force to Pakistan to carry out law enforcement cooperation with the Pakistani side. China will further strengthen cooperation with the law enforcement agencies in Pakistan, effectively combat crime, so as to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the two peoples, and jointly safeguard China-Pakistan friendly relations.”

The Chinese spokesperson further claimed that some media reports also fabricated facts and spread rumours and hoped “the people of China and Pakistan do not believe the rumours”.