Pakistan Cuts Trade Ties with India, Downgrades Diplomatic Relations

India-Pakistan diplomatic relations hit a new low today as a part of the ramifications of a change in the constitutional position of Kashmir. A heartbroken Pakistan has decided to degrade diplomatic ties with India and also has decided to suspend bilateral trade in the wake of the new outlook of the Kashmir dispute.

Imran Khan, the Prime Minister on Wednesday took a major diplomatic decision by calling off bilateral trade arrangements with New Delhi. As expected, the bifurcation of Kashmir and the removal of the Article 370 clout doesn’t go well with Pakistan and hence Islamabad has been endorsing all sorts of military and diplomatic aggression towards the issue.

Major decisions taken at National Security Committee chaired by Imran Khan

These major policy decisions in the wake of the changing nature Kashmir dispute came after a high-level meeting of the National Security Council was chaired by Imran Khan on Wednesday.

Ministers present at the meeting included Pakistan’s foreign minister, interior minister, defence minister, education minister, minister for human rights, law ministers and various secretaries of the state. The second group of attendees included army chiefs, ISI spearheads, defence forces heads and other senior officials.

Pakistan to take Kashmir to the UN once again

As per the sources, dragging the latest nature of the Kashmir conflict to the United Nations was also one of the agendas of this high-level meeting. Pakistan has time and again tried to take the Kashmir dispute to the United Nations whereas India has always maintained that its a matter of India’s integrity and sovereignty.

Though Pakistan is desperate for international support to counter India’s latest decisions regarding Kashmir, there’s very little hope of finding any. The international community mostly has sided by India and has recognised the fact that Kashmir is an internal matter for India.

While the international community has expressed concerns over mounting tensions in Kashmir, it has not in any way expressed any disagreement towards India’s new policy on Kashmir.

As far as the Arab nations are concerned, UAE has rather come out in support of India calling India’s move on Kashmir a part of an effective solution to the Kashmir conflict. For obvious reasons, it’s only Pakistan and China which seem to have an actual issue with what’s happening in Kashmir.