Pakistan Cricket Fans Clash, Tear-Down ‘Free Balochistan’ Banners in London

Baloch human rights groups have been striving to showcase the brutalities of the Pakistan Army in the volatile Balochistan region. After a series of campaigns, Baloch activists this time managed to put up a number of banners and posters to highlight the atrocities in the region.

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During the Cricket Cricket World Cup, many banners and standees were seen just outside the Lord’s Cricket Ground showcasing ‘Help End Enforced Disappearances’ which agitated the Pakistan cricket fans who became violent and tore apart the posters.

Pakistan has a history of getting agitated when Baloch activists have raised their voice for justice to end unlawful killings and disappearances. Activists have so far managed to advertise on Public advertisement spaces in London and other parts of the UK even to denounce the situation in Balochistan.

With fans thronging England for much anticipated Cricket World Cup, the Baloch activists strategically targeted advertisement spots close to cricket stadiums. Pakistani cricket fans were displeased with the ‘provoking’ banners and many of them were seen tearing these posters.

In the past, Pakistan has strongly protested against the campaigning of Baloch activists and have been successful on various occasions to pressurize the British Government. In 2017, Pakistan registered a strong objection to ‘Free Balochistan’ posters on public buses and taxis in London. This was shot down by the United Kingdom’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).