Pakistan Building Bunkers Opposite Kargil; Fortifying Defences Or Preparing For War?

After Pakistan deployed its elite SSG Commandos along the Line of Control and additional battalions in Sir Creek, the latest reports suggest that the Pakistani army is constructing bunkers on its side of the LoC opposite to Kargil. After 20 years of Kargil war, Pakistan is now constructing bunkers along the forward posts in the Skardu and Baltoro sectors. Is this preparation of another war on the lines of Kargil or Pakistan is fortifying its borders?

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Intelligence reports as received by the Indian security agencies lead to two possibilities of reasons why these bunkers are being built. One assertion says that these bunkers are being built by Pakistan army to amass its presence in the volatile region while the other opinion suggests that these bunkers are being set up to increase the space for ammunition dumps and weapons.

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While some of these bunkers are 10 feet x 12 feet, the other bunkers are 12 feet x 20 feet. As of now, the intelligence agencies on the Indian side have information on six such bunkers which have already been set up.

Imran Khan in a statement yesterday kept his stance that Pakistan by no means is looking for a nuclear war with India and would never indulge in the first use of nuclear weapons (even though his statement was rejected by the Pakistan foreign office ). The nuclear war debate intensified when Rajnath Singh, India’s Defence Minister stated last month that India’s no first use policy of nuclear weapons is subject to circumstances and not rigid.