Pakistan Army Warns Cricket Fans Against Wearing Army Caps for PSL Finals

The Pakistani Army has urged cricket fans against wearing military-style caps and shirts during the grand finale of the ongoing Pakistan Super League session (PSL) in Karachi.

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Cricket fans have expressed the desire to don military caps during the PSL final to be played later this month in the metropolis to express solidarity with Pakistan’s armed forces.

The chief military spokesperson, Major General Asif Ghafoor, took to Twitter to acknowledge the love and support of the cricket fans for the armed forces but advised them against wearing “military-style caps and shirts”.

He said that sports are beyond politics and the bond between the Pakistani people and the armed forces are beyond such gestures alone.
“Dear Pakistanis u are desirous to put on military-style caps/shirts during PSL Final. Pak Armed Forces humbly acknowledge your love & support. Sports are beyond politics & we believe that our bondage is beyond such gestures alone. Enjoy the game in CityOfLights.”

India’s national cricket team recently drew flak for donning army camouflage-style caps in a match against Australia in a move to express “solidarity with the families of the military men killed in the Feb 14 bombing in Pulwama district in Jammu and Kashmir.

Officially, Pakistan condemned the “politicisation of the gentlemen’s sport” and called upon the International Cricket Committee to take notice of this. Some Pakistanis even asked on social media if Indian cricketers would turn up for the World Cup match with Pakistan in military fatigues.

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