Pakistan Army Now Officially Deployed to Saudi Arabia to Counter Iran?

The Pakistan Army has been finally deployed to Saudi Arabia. Saudi Arabia had been aggressively pressing the Pakistan Army to join the Saudi led coalition forces to fight against so-called Iran backed terrorists. As per the Pakistan Media, Pakistan Army will only support the bilateral security pact it shares with the KSA. This deployment of the Pakistan Army to Saudi Arabia will only carry out training and advisory mission.

The Pakistan Army announced on Thursday that Pak troops were being deployed to KSA under the existing Pak-KSA bi-lateral security ties. The announcement was made by Inter-Services PR following a meet on regional security scenarios between the Pakistan Army Chief and a Saudi Ambassador.

Saudi Arabia Demanded Pakistan Army Deployment

Ever since the Yemen conflict, back in 2015, SA has been making a demand for the deployment of Pakistan Army. The Pak Army has been evading the demand on grounds of a ‘neutral’ stand on the conflict.

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As reported by a Pakistani Daily, Dawn, Retired Pakistan Army Chief, Gen. Sharif, had led a Saudi coalition last year, thus hinting that the Pak troops would be deployed to KSA. It was also reported that the 1000 Pak troops being deployed will not, in any way, be employed outside of the KSA region. The exact number of troops has not been disclosed yet, but DG Maj. Gen. Ghafoor stated it would be ‘much lesser than a division’.

Pakistan Army Being Deployed During High Crisis Times

Currently, the Yemen crisis in SA has reached a critical stage. The SA Houthi militias air campaign failed, and the Yemeni allies in SA and UAE have turned against each other; thus adding to the crisis state. The previous statement by FO condemned the Houthi attacks, showing Pakistan’s stand against security breaches and terror attacks.

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As Dawn states, the Iran and Turkey ambassadors had met Pak General earlier this week and have probably been briefed about the deployment. It is also believed that the general made a visit to Doha to meet the Sheikh in Qatar. Ever since the disruption of diplomatic ties between Doha and Riyadh, leading to the barrier with Qatar, Turkish and Irani interests are on one side of the Middle East alignment, with the remaining Arab regions on KSA’s side. Oman and Kuwait have taken neutral stands.

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