Pakistan Army Building Forts on Afghanistan-Pakistan Border

The Pakistan Army said that it had built 233 forts along the border with Afghanistan as part of its border fencing plan to stop the cross-border movement of militants.

Director General ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor says fencing of Pak-Afghan border will be completed by December next year. In a tweet today, he said work on 233 of 843 forts and 802 of 1200 kilometers priority one areas has been completed. The total length of the border is 2611 kilometers.

Pakistan and neighbouring Afghanistan have long been saying that militants in both countries cross the border for violence and Pakistan started the fencing project last year.

Pakistani army spokesman Major General Asif Ghafoor said that work on the forts and fences continued on the 2,600-km-long Pakistan-Afghan border.

The spokesman said on Twitter that work on 233 of 843 forts and 802 of 1,200 km prioritized areas has been completed. The project will “benefit peaceful people of Pakistan and Afghanistan while restricting terrorists,” he wrote on Twitter.

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