Pakistan Media Slams Indian Foreign Policy Under Narendra Modi

Pakistan Media has slammed Indian foreign policy under PM Narendra Modi. The media in Pakistan has criticised PM Modi’s failure to enhance India’s foreign relations with key nations including Pakistan. Other nations, according to the Pakistan Media, where India failed to build enhance in foreign relations included Nepal, Maldives and Iran. 

An editorial carried in Daily Pakistan has slammed the policies of the Modi government to curtail India’s foreign relations. It highlights how New Delhi’s relations with Nepal, Iran, Pakistan and the Maldives have seen a downstream flow since 2016.

India seems to be losing its grip on Nepal, as Kathmandu is inclining towards China. India is also at loggerheads with Iran under the mounting pressure from the US to halt oil imports.

Another old ally which India has lost is the Maldives, while Seychelles too has denied India the strategic naval base at the Assumption Island. To add salt over wounds, even Sri Lanka has managed to come out of India’s sphere of influence.

Indian Foreign Policy Failure in Nepal

New Delhi has always taken Kathmandu for granted. India has always seen Nepal as an extension of India. Under Narendra Modi, Nepal has drifted away and China was quick to exploit the opportunity to the fullest. China is now the biggest investor in Nepal and a railway project between the two nations has been agreed upon. India is just looking at its old friend Nepal walk towards Beijing.

India-Maldives Relations take a back seat

The Maldives was an old and trusted ally of India. But many Indians lost job opportunities in the Maldives, due to India’s stand against Maldives pro-China Government. China’s interests to have been magnifying in the Island nation and that is again not so good for India. India’s problems worsened when Saudi Arabia brought massive investments to Male and purchased land at a large scale.

The Iran Dilemma

The US has asked India to stop importing oil from Iran. This has put India in an awkward place for it is one of the biggest oil importers. India will now have to choose between the US and Iran and worry about the strategic Chabahar port. India has hesitantly agreed to stop importing Iranian Oil.

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