Not Pellets, Use Real Bullets on Kashmiri Protesters; 120K+ People Support with Tweet

Kashmiri protestors should be sprayed by bullets and not by pellets; this was stated by a TV anchor of a government channel. Even though the channel has not taken any action so far, but Twitter has suspended Lok Sabha TV anchor Jagrati Shukla’s account for her provocative tweet who wrote “real bullets instead of pellets” for Kashmiri civilians.

Senior officials of the Lok Sabha TV said it’s investigating the matter and stated that her views were “personal in nature”. The channel’s CEO Ashish Joshi said he will look into the issue once it is officially raised. 

A Lok Sabha TV official said service rules of its employees do not apply to their social media conduct and the absence of a criminal complaint also makes it difficult to remove the employee.

The channel is operated by Lok Sabha Secretariat under the patronage of speaker Sumitra Mahajan. It’s owned by Parliament of India. Lok Sabha Secretariat officials Kalpana Sharma and Ganpati Bhat, who handle affairs of LSTV as per its website, declined comment, saying they were unaware of the issue.

Jagritii Shukla, an assistant producer at the Lok Sabha channel retweeted the photos of civilians from Kashmir valley, saying she “preferred real bullets instead of pellets”.

While Twitter suspended her account hours after her tweet kicked up a storm, the social media platform was soon filled with her controversial tweets on the Sikh genocide to former Indian vice president Hamid Ansari whom she had once called “a sophisticated Jihad apologist”.

When contacted, Shukla said she stood by her tweet and that the suspension of her Twitter account “was a result of mass reporting by a politically motivated group”.  “My recent Tweet was quite harmless and didn’t contain any reference to a specific community. We lose soldiers and tourists to these murderous mobs all the times; why aren’t we talking about their human rights and right to self-defence?” she told Indian ET channel.

“The hashtag in my support has crossed 120k Tweets and trended at No. 1 all over India on Twitter for over 16 hours. It’s not a paid trend and I’m not a politician, so the level of support I’ve received is the testimony to what the public opinion is,” Shukla said.

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