Nepal Eager To Intensify Existing Bilateral Cooperation With India: Minister

Nepal’s Foreign Affairs Minister emphasised that India and Nepal must work closely to boost bilateral cooperation. Nepal wants a strong partnership with India for the country’s economic development, said, Nepalese Minister.

As Nepal’s Trade Deficit Rises, Kathmandu Looking For Preferential Trade Agreement with India

Nepal’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Pradeep Kumar Gyawali stressed on the need for enhanced bilateral cooperation in the fields of tourism, technology, and trade and transit. He said that Nepal wants a solid partnership with India for the country’s economic development.

While speaking at a seminar themed on ‘Nepal-India Relations: Issues, Emerging Trends and Boosting Cooperation’, Gyawali emphasised saying, ” there is a need to address Nepal’s trade deficit with India to create a win-win situation by removing trade barriers, early completion of review of trade treaties, and forging partnership between private sectors of the two countries”.

Highlighting the government’s focus on growing its ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali’ campaign, Gyawali said: “the government was making all efforts to further improve the investment climate in the country”.

Manjeev Singh Puri, Indian Ambassador to Nepal said that strong people-to-people relations between the India and Nepal would define the future of bilateral relations. Ambassador Puri stressed on the need for continued dialogues to further boost relations between Nepal and India. “Nepal should identify other areas of comparative advantage such as hydropower and tourism and focus on them to bring down the trade deficit and benefit from the fastest-growing Indian economy”, Puri added.

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