Mossad Trained Indian Commandos For Operation Blue Star in 1984

Did Mossad Train Indian Commandos For Operation Blue Star in Amritsar?  An Indian newspaper has made some shocking revelations about Operation Blue Star and involvement of Israeli Mossad. Operation Blue Star was a military raid conducted at the Golden Temple, considered one of the most controversial events in the timeline of India’s history. The 1984 Operation was aimed at wiping out a Sikh militant group that hid under the clout of the holy place.

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As reported by MEM, Prabhash K Dutta from India Today wrote that the commandos who raided the Golden Temple on June 6, 2018, were trained by Israeli Mossad agents. This is one big disclosure about the controversial military raid at the behest of Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India.

Golden Temple is one of the most sacred sites in Sikh culture. The commandos who were a part of this controversial raid were part of a special group of the Indian Army. They were a part of the 56th Commando Company of the Indian Army and were trained by the Mossad as per the report. Mossad is the intelligence agency of Israel.

Operation Blue Star: Open Wounds

It has been more than three decades that the Operation Blue Star stormed the Golden Temple complex. Still, the opinions on the legitimacy and need for it are divided. Sikhs still count it as a dark day in their history. Operation Blue Star and the anti-Sikh riots post Indira Gandhi’s assassination still hurt the Sikh sentiments.

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‘Harmandar Sahib’ is the sanctum sanctorum in the Golden Temple’s complex. The action took place just 100 feet away from the sanctum. ‘Harmandar Sahib’ is the holiest shrine in the complex and even though it was not indulged by bullets, Sikhs still feel that their sentiments were demeaned and their rich heritage was assaulted. They have still not forgiven the political establishment which planned the cleansing operation.

Operation Blue Star ended with a sea of dead bodies circling around the sanctum. Heavy casualties were inflicted on both sides. If official figures are anything to go by then the Indian army lost 83 men while 492 is the toll of civilian deaths.

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Estimates of the non-governmental agencies run even higher than what the official figures state. The very fact that the Indira Gandhi government barred media coverage raises more speculations about the credibility of official figures.

Operation Blue Star Revenge: Indira Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India was seen as a villain by Sikhs post the Operation Blue Star. In what can be called as a revenge, Indira Gandhi was assassinated by two of her Sikh bodyguards on 31st October 1984. Her assassination brought the nation to a standstill and left the world shocked. This was followed by the infamous anti-Sikh riots of 1984.

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