Modi’s Anti-Muslims Policy Could Ignite World War – Imran Khan To World

Pakistani PM Imran Khan on Thursday again blasted the Modi Government calling New Delhi’s actions under the leadership of right-wing BJP as systematically promoting its anti-Muslims agenda and indirectly warned of another world war.

From More Autonomy To Snatching Statehood – New Delhi Bulldozed Kashmiri Aspirations

In a series of tweets following the passing of the Citizen Amendment Bill 2019, Khan in his usual style took to Twitter to notify the world about the “massive bloodshed and far-reaching consequences” the world will face if it remains silent.

Khan prompted the global community to step in and counter Modi’s Hindu supremacist agenda “before it is too late”.

He also elaborated on the different moves made by the Modi-led government – over the course of this year – to further the RSS ideology, including India’s illegal annexation Jammu and Kashmir, stripping two million Indian Muslims in Assam of citizenship, setting up internment camps and now the passing of the anti-Muslim law.

India has started to deploy thousands of troops in the northeastern state of Assam as protests erupted against a new controversial law that would make it easier for non-Muslim minorities from some neighbouring countries to seek Indian citizenship.