China Arms Pakistan with Superior Missile Tracking System To Overpower India

Pakistan has recently acquired a superior missile tracking system from China. For a long time now, China has been aiding Pakistan and this missile tracking system is slated to be a counter for India. China has been strategically trying to curb India’s influence in Asia, and this missile tracking system for Pakistan is one of the many measures.

The advanced missile tracking system will make Pakistan’s missile arsenal highly efficient. China’s military aid to Pakistan is no new news but the fact that the superpower decided to officially tell the world about this recent aid is what has made the news.

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Missile Tracking System Cements Bilateral Ties Against India

Both China and Pakistan share a common geopolitical reasoning and maintain strong ties with one another, to counter India. According to Husain Haqqani, as stated in the Firstpost,

“For China, Pakistan is a low-cost secondary deterrent to India… For Pakistan, China is a high-value guarantor of security against India.”

The world knows of Pakistan’s failing and poor economy and thus it is no secret that all the nuclear warheads it owns are from China. The ties between the two nations present a very unpleasant reality that has managed to stay away from the global surveillance. China has always ensured that Pakistan remains well equipped to face India’s growing power and acts as a dormant security guarantor for Pakistan. With help from China, Pakistan is expected to become the 5th most powerful nuclear power by 2025.

China Backs the Pakistani Missile Tracking System and Weapon Program

China has been constantly bending and breaking rules, in arming Pakistan with nuclear warheads and destructive missile tracking system and weapons. In fact, according to experts, there will be no missile tracking system or weapons program in Pakistan, without China’s aid.

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Missile Tracking System to Counter Agni-V

The most recent missile tracking system given to Pakistan by China is a strategic move against India. It is a countermeasure to India’s successful Agni-V test fire; touted to be the most advanced ballistic missile by India. With a wide range, the Agni-V can easily reach both Beijing and Shanghai. The news of the missile tracking system for Pakistan was reported by South China Morning Post, which reported China as the “first country to export such sensitive equipment to Pakistan.”

While up until now China chose to keep these transactions with Pakistan, under wraps, however, the new missile tracking system cements gifted by the Dragon to Pakistan cements their defence relations. This may not immediately impact India, however, the continued supply of sophisticated weaponry to Pakistan will get the Indians thinking.

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