North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un Meets Chinese President Xi Jinping in Beijing

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, made an expected but surprising visit to Beijing, meeting Chinese President Xi Jinping weeks before agreed meetings with the US and South Korean leaders, according to Chinese state media reports. This was Kim Jong-un’s supposedly first trip outside North Korea since he took power and his first meeting with any Head of a Country including Chinese President Xi Jinping

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Kim Jong-un, in an atmosphere of stringent secrecy and protection, travelled on the armoured train to Beijing, Japanese and South Korean media reported citing sources. China – the main partner of North Korea initially did not confirm the rumours but did not also censor news on various social sites about his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping

Kim Jong-un reportedly arrived in Beijing on Monday and left for the Chinese capital on Tuesday. The North Korean leader, according to some reports, went to Beijing on the same green armoured train with a yellow strip.

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Kim Jong-un’s visit displayed exceptional secrecy; it was confirmed only after he left Beijing on the same armoured train that aroused doubts when it arrived in the Chinese capital. Both Kim Jong-un’s father and grandfather, the former dictators of North Korea used similar trains for their state trips.

Why did Kim Jong-un Chinese President Xi Jinping?

Kim Jong-un in April is scheduled to meet South Korean President Moon Jae-in and US President Donald Trump in May. As the Americans suggest, Kim did not accidentally go to Beijing to discuss further steps with Chinese President Xi Jinping before important meetings with US and South Korean leaders in April and May. “Xi met with Trump and knows how to talk to him, and he also needs to understand what Kim wants.” It certainly was a way-forward strategy to discuss directly with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Despite recent frictions, China still holds tremendous influence over North Korea

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Kim Jong-un’s Mysterious Visit to China

Eyewitnesses say that security measures were strengthened in the area of the railway station, and the central square of Tiananmen was cleared of tourists, which, as a rule, indicates that an official high-level meeting is taking place in the nearby Great Hall of the People. South Korean officials have so far refrained from commenting: “We have not received confirmation from anyone who came to Beijing, we are closely monitoring the situation and considering all possible options.” In the Chinese border town of Dandong, through which the railway linking China and North Korea runs, unusual activity was observed.

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