Mike Pompeo Visits Central Europe To Discuss Growing Chinese-Russian Influence

US Secretary of State – Mike Pompeo visited Hungary as a part of his trip to five European countries. Pompeo will express his views on China and Russia’s growing influence in Central Europe.

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The US Secretary of State will join Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Budapest. Both leaders will present their thoughts on the importance of strengthening democracy and the rule of law.

The executives informed that Pompeo will present his views on the measures required for overcoming Russian and Chinese efforts to attract Hungary and other countries towards the region located far away from the west.

The Officials also informed that the US Secretay will also talk about the growing dependence of Europe on Russian energy and the existence of the Chinese high-technology telecom firm Huawei, especially in Hungary. However, officials are not allowed to give details publicly of the ongoing Pompeo’s visit.

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