India-Pakistan Trade Will Boost Relations; Expect Nothing Until Indian Elections

Pakistan’s Finance Minister shared his views on existing India-Pakistan trade relations. India-Pakistan relations are expected to grow after the general elections in India, says the minister.

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While speaking at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Peshawar, Pakistan’s finance minister – Asad Umar shared his thoughts on developing strong trade relations with Pakistan’s neighbouring countries. He stressed on the western analysts believe that boost in the regional trade, even between India and Pakistan is necessary but not possible instantly.

Pakistan’s Finance Minister, Asad Umar emphasised, “As far as the east (India) is concerned, it seems that (there can be no progress) until elections are over in India. Half of their election campaigns are based on anti-Pakistan rhetoric, so right now they are busy with that. Once the elections are over, we hope that their behaviour will be better.”

The relations between India-Pakistan got affected after the terrorist from Pakistan attacked in 2016. Simultaneously, India conducted a surgical strike in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. All these events lead to complete silence on the bilateral trade agreements between the two countries.

Pakistan’s foreign minister, Umar informed that Pakistan is willing to develop trade ties with both the Iran and Afghanistan. The trade relations with China and Pakistan is moving to the next level with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor. Pakistan is also actively involved in talks with Turkey for developing economic ties. In return, Pakistan will help in establishing a link between Turkey-India and Turkey-China. “Pakistan should play whatever role it can” Umar added.

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