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Turkey backs Mesut Ozil In His Decision To Quit; Calls Germany Fascist

Turkey extended full support to the decision of German soccer star Mesut Ozil after he quit the German team citing discrimination and hatred due to his Turkish roots. Ozil met the Turkish President, Erdogan, this May and his picture went instantly viral which somehow resulted in discrimination and disrespect on a wide scale.

The German midfielder on Sunday took to Twitter to describe his ordeal and also informed about his decision to not play for Germany anymore. Ozil was a part of the team that lifted the World Cup in 2014 but after Germany’s poor show in the 2018 World Cup, he was heavily criticised. Mesut Ozil wrote on Twitter that he been on the receiving end of emails full of hatred, threats over the phone and social media abuse.

In response to the Tweet by Mesut Ozil, the Turkish Minister for Justice congratulated Ozil on Monday in a follow-up Tweet. He said that Ozil has scored the most beautiful goal of his life against the virus of fascism by making this decision. Turkey’s sports minister also extended support to the Arsenal player and said that he sincerely supports the honourable decision made by Mesut Ozil.

Ozil made his debut in 2009 and he wrote on Twitter that he now feels unwanted as all his achievements since his debut have been forgotten. Ozil wrote that with a heavy heart and after making considerations over the past events he would no longer be playing for Germany.

As reported by PressTV, even the German politicians questioned Ozil over his picture with the Turkish President. The political regime in Germany has held doubts about Ozil’s loyalty to the nation ever since the picture sparked controversies. Ozil later explained that the picture was completely apolitical and he did not wish to make any political statements by posting that picture. In his Tweet which defined his position and resignation from the team, Ozil wrote that discrimination should never ever be accepted.

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