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‘Merchant Of Death’ Viktor Bout Says He Would Have Joined Russia’s Special Military Operations In Ukraine

Viktor Bout, a Russian arms peddler/businessman who was released from a US prison and often called the ‘Merchant Of Death’, expectedly voiced his backing for Russia’s special military operations in Ukraine.

Bout said he could have joined it as a volunteer if he had the opportunity and the required skills. “I fully support it, if I had the chance and required skills, I would have definitely volunteered,” he said on RT.

Bout said in the RT interview he could not comprehend why Moscow had not started the special military operation earlier.

Bout also said that he has never cooperated with the Taliban contrary to what US media has repeatedly claimed.

Viktor Bout
Viktor Bout

“No, there were no dealings. Moreover, the Taliban put a price on my head after the Kandahar crew made a heroic escape. How can one say that I was collaborating with the Taliban in any way? It’s plainly impossible,” Bout said in the interview.

US media accused him of supplying the Taliban with 200 tanks, Bout said, adding that many Americans lost trust in their national media.

“They accused me of shipping 200 T-90 tanks to the Taliban. What does it take to transport 200 tanks? That’s 200 trips? To Afghanistan? Excuse me, over which region [could the tanks be flown into the country] and where is the evidence?” Bout added.

Bout was serving a 25-year sentence in the US on charges of plotting to kill US citizens and materially supporting terrorism. On Thursday, Washington exchanged Bout for Brittney Griner, who was serving a nine-year sentence in Russia for illegally bringing cannabis oil into the country.

Via Sputnik News Agency

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