Maldives Crisis: China Warns India Against Any Interference in Maldives

The Maldives Crisis is growing in intensity day by day. With a banished ex-president asking India to intervene in the Maldives Crisis, now a Chinese editorial asking India to stay out of it! What is China’s role in the Maldives Crisis?

As the Maldives Crisis has been escalating over the past few weeks, India has shown concerns about the situation. However, a recent Chinese newspaper editorial said that India had no justified reason to intervene in the Maldives Crisis. It also hinted at India only intervening to get a stronger foothold in the South Asian region.

India Shows Concern Over Maldives Crisis

India, since the start, has openly expressed concerns about the Maldives crisis and the declared emergency situation in the region. The aggressive actions taken by the Yameen-led government and the arrest of the Chief justice of the SC are both seen as unnecessary acts by India, enhancing the crisis.

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China on the Maldives Crisis and India

China and the Yameen led government foster bilateral ties with a foundation laid on tourism and investments. The FM of China stated that it did not support the intervening of any International body on the Maldives Crisis and that the government of Male had complete capacity over dealing with the situation, Global Times, stated

‘for a long time, the Maldives has had to choose between being manipulated by India or its independence as a sovereign state’ – chinese daily

It further added that the unrest must and needs to be dealt by the people of Maldives, only.

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The editorial also chided India by saying that the nation has a strong desire to control the South Asian countries and thus does not support acts of autonomy displayed by states in the south Asian region. It remarked that this intervention in the domestic and political affairs of Maldives was also an act to strengthen its power over the region.

The editorial ended with a warning tone stating that situations such as the situation in the Maldives are internal affairs and New Delhi must stop intervening and respect the sovereignty of Maldives.

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