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Under Make in India, Defence Manufacturers Bag 66% of Indian Military Contracts

PM Narendra Modi’s “Make In India” drive continues to firmly stand behind local manufacturers in India. More than any other area, the Make In India initiative is bolstering the defence industry in India, thus performing at its best where it matters the most. In the last three years, the Indian defence ministry has rewarded two-thirds of defence contracts to local manufacturers.

As reported by Defence World, out of the 168 contracts signed by the defence ministry of India, 106 contracts have been signed between the defence ministry and Indian vendors for the procurement of military and defence equipment.

These contracts include deals made over helicopters, radars, artillery guns, ballistic missiles, helmets, bulletproof jackets, ammunition, simulators, electronic fuzes etc. This information was furnished by India’s Defence Minister of State, Dr Shubhash Bhambre.

Clearly, Narendra Modi’s Make In India initiative is doing wonders for the Indian Armed Forces as they can now procure cheaper military equipment in the absence of import duties. In the past 3 years, the local manufacturers have been largely benefitted by the upthrust given to the local industries by the Make In India initiative.

The Make In India initiative was launched by Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India on September 25, 2014. The Make In India initiative promotes indigenous designs, development and manufacturing of military equipment hence cutting down the costs significantly.

Under the Make In India initiative of PM Narendra Modi, India will soon get its first own nuclear missile tracking ship. This ship is a part of Modi’s ambitions to have an elaborate missile shield programme to confront any attacks. The ship is going through harbour trials at present and is expected to be commissioned by December 2018 hence giving Indian a great edge over its enemies.

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