Locals Fearing Both Militants, Security Forces After The Killing Of Bengal Laborers

Five Indian migrant labourers were killed by gunmen last week in a village in Kashmir. Locals of that village since then are living in a state of fear due to both – the militant groups as well as the subsequent crackdown by the security forces.

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In southern Kashmir’s Kulgam district on October 28, the five migrants labourers from West Bengal were shot dead by militants. There was a sixth migrant labourer, who survived the attack. He is recovering in hospital in Kashmir’s capital Srinagar.

The assailants reportedly barged into a rented room where the 6 migrant labourers had been living in the Katrasoo village of Kulgam and sprayed bullets.

Tensions in the Kashmir valley have been on the peak since the Indian Central Government revoked Article 370 which gave the special status to Jammu and Kashmir. After the revocation, the Indian government restricted all forms of communications in the region and arrested thousands of people including activists and noted politicians.

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According to sources, shortly after the killing of the migrant labourers, army officers arrived and rounded up the shopkeepers and residents living near the site. Since the killing of the migrant labourers, more than a dozen people have been detained by the security forces.

Dozen of villagers have stated that apart from the threat of the militants they also fear the security services who are investigating the killings.