Laser Fences Installed at Highly Vulnerable, Challenging Terrains on India-Pakistan Border

India has installed as many as 40 units of laser fence system along the Indo-Pakistan border for safeguarding highly vulnerable areas to combat intrusions. Laser Fence system has been developed by the Laser Science and Technology Centre (LASTEC).

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These units were on display on the opening day of the five-day exhibition organised by the Indian Science Congress at the Lovely Professional University. Scientists of LASTEC, a laboratory of the Defence Research and Development Organisation, shared that more such units that could record images and videos during the day, as well as night, were being developed and put across the border.

They said short pillars with a height of about 3 metres, which form an invisible laser wall, were also being used in the river area along the belt. The laser fence system is installed at those sites along river beds on cemented pedestals near vegetation areas which are more vulnerable points.

An official said, “We have electric fencing along the border but the enemies are too smart. They have developed chemicals which they spray on this fence to cut at two points to make an entry into India. But images and videos coming via this system are helping us a lot in nabbing intruders. The images are monitored real time by the staff of the Border Security Force and even the Army.”

They shared that other advantages of the system were having a two-tier security, low false alarm rate, use of wireless hooters and provision of intrusion coordinates.


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