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Lahore Attacks aimed at Disrupting the Pakistan Super League (PSL) Matches?

Are Lahore Attacks aimed at disrupting the Pakistan Super League (PSL) Matches? Why are people of Pakistan accusing Indian agency RAW for the Lahore Attacks? What will India gain by disrupting the Pakistan Super League (PSL) Matches?

The group stage of Pakistan Super League (PSL) was held in the UAE while two playoff matches are to be played in Lahore and the finals in Karachi.

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Coming back to Lahore Attacks, at least nine people were killed which included five cops while 20 others were injured in the Lahore attacks, on a police check-post on Wednesday. The suicide bomber detonated his suicide vest at the Nisar Police check-post after one of the cops attempted to stop the suicide bomber from accessing the venue where a religious congregation was taking place.

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Around 9:20 pm local time, a teenage boy approached the police personnel who were guarding the check post. When a cop tried to stop him, the suicide bomber detonated his suicide vest and all of the 12 cops at the check post suffered a massive impact. Out of the 12 cops, five of the cops, including two sub-inspectors, attained martyrdom. In the suicide attacks, four civilians also lost their lives, while the condition of some of those wounded in the Lahore attacks is said to be critical.

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The mood after the Lahore Attacks is sombre, but the city is all set to host the two playoffs while the grand finale is to be held in the port city of Karachi. People of both the nations, India and Pakistan, frequently and vigorously debate on social media sites, accusing each other of harbouring and supporting terrorism, but accusations and suspicions will not facilitate in normalizing the relations between two nations.

Weather this is deliberate attempt to disrupt the PSL or it a continued menace that Pakistan is facing in the form of terrorism cannot be stated, but both India and Pakistan need to come together and jointly fight terrorism without differentiating between good and bad terrorists.

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