Central & Kerala State Government Fight Over 700 Cr UAE Donations

Kerala floods have become a political battleground between the Central Government and the State Government of Kerala. The Modi led Central Government has drawn flak for denying the financial aids that have offered by foreign nations. After UAE, Qatar and the Maldives offered help for relief, rescue and rehabilitation work in Kerala, India politely turned down the generous help offered. India maintained that India will use its own resources to help the flood-stricken Kerala.

The state government of Kerala criticised the decision of the centre to turn down foreign aid. UAE and Qatar have offered aids worth IND 700 crores and INR 35 crores respectively. Mali with which New Delhi’s relations have taken a downward trajectory also offered help worth USD 50,000. India expressed gratitude towards the nations for their willingness to help Kerala but it also politely turned down the help offered by them.

Floods in Kerala have unleashed havoc on the people of Kerala having claimed more than 400 lives. Lakhs of people have been displaced by the floods which have been described as the most devastating floods in decades. The losses in Kerala amount to thousands of crores and several governments have stepped up to help the union government in the rebuilding of Kerala.

The state government in Kerala has asked the central government to accept help from foreign nations or compensate for the amount offered by UAE, Qatar and the Maldives. The chief minister has however suggested that any quarrels must be kept away given the gravity of the situation. But the spat between the central government and the state government is more than visible.

The big question that the state government and people of India are asking is whether the centre will release more funds if it chooses not to accept any foreign help. India’s turning down of foreign help might also severe ties between New Delhi and the nations who have been denied the opportunity to help India.

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