Kashmiri Pandit Urges KP Community To Re-Unify with Muslims for Mother Kashmir: Opinion

Kashmiri Pandits have endured a lot of hardships which still horrifies our essence. The carnage we endured and the adversity we suffered was silently witnessed by the entire world. However, what happened was history, but the future is still there to delve with. How long could we glue to the same old story of our exodus from the valley? There is always the second side of a coin and a second stint in life.

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When the bad ends, the good has to commence. It cannot rain ad-infinitum, the Sun has to shine one day. After the migration, most of the Kashmiri Pandits evolved well under the looming shadows of adversity. But, thankfully heartrending times are over and done.

When the memories get stirred; the emotions and sentiments do get evoked. We must continue to live with our pleasant reminiscences, but simultaneously show the entire world that even while facing hardships at every phase of life, we have reached the pinnacle of our lives and careers.

A majority of the Kashmiri Pandit community have had professional qualifications, and are currently excelling in their professional careers. Literally, every second student in the KP community is an engineer now. The Kashmiri community has now been glutted with MBA’s and Engineers, which wouldn’t have been possible without the generous assistance and backing of the government of Maharashtra.

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There are so many doctors and business administrators in our community, raising the education standard beyond expectation. People, who barely crossed the Jawahar tunnel, are now voyaging in different parts of the world. People, who could barely speak Hindi, now converse fluently in English. The technology and modernism they are witnessing would be like a flight of imagination, which would normally have started and ended with them.

Students and younger generations have had the utmost benefit. They are still eligible for so many educational quotas, which generates a wide range of opportunities for them. Employees of J&K Government are still getting remunerations from the State, without even picking up a single nail. People have engaged themselves in part-time and even full-time work, which comes as an additional stipend.

Kashmiri’s are one of the best-settled and most affluent people outside the nation residing in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and the Gulf region. Living outside the valley has changed them tremendously. The old and typical Kashmiri’s accent has evaporated and grasp on English and Hindi has got crisper, putting them at par with others, in both the national and international market. We are no longer the underprivileged ones, but regrettably, still, expect sympathy from others.

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Our uprooting has left an incurable scar in our hearts, but we must acknowledge that ordinary Kashmir Muslims have equally suffered in the Valley, if not more. Keeping the religion aside, the biggest victims of India-Pakistan feud are the people of Jammu and Kashmir. The region has neither prospered economically nor politically and what should have been the most prosperous region in South Asia is engulfed in flames.

If the Afghan Taliban can negotiate with the US after being bombed for 17 years; if North and South Korea can discuss peace; if Japan and Russia; US and Cuba and the European nations can live in harmony after two World Wars, then why not the Kashmiri Community who are not really at odds against each other?

We cannot expect good times to stay all along, but neither can the overcast days prolong too much. The initiative has to come from within the community. The scattered Kashmiri community (both Pandits and Muslims) must reunite again for the progress and development of our land, our Kashmir!

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