Kashmiri Muslims Responsible for Exodus of Pandits; Not Jagmohan: Top Kashmiri Journalist

Kashmiri youths and netizens have consistently blamed Jagmohan – the former Governor of Jammu and Kashmir for the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits. Even though my exiled Pandits never agreed to Jagmohan conspiracy theory and blamed the Pakistan sponsored militants for their trauma, but netizens would never budge.

We Killed Kashmiri Pandits because they were Indian Agents

Prior to the pious Mata Kheer Bhawani annual Mela, a top Kashmiri journalist – Bashir Manzar has come in support of Kashmiri Pandits and debunked the Jagmohan conspiracy theory. And many Kashmiri Muslims expressed their support for his Manzar’s tweet and the Pandit community welcomed his statement.

The Exodus of Kashmiri Pandits was an unfortunate incident which took place in beginning of1990 when most of the Kashmiri Pandit families were asked to leave from the Kashmir valley due to the sudden outburst of terrorism. Lakhs of Kashmiri Pandits families fled their homes during that ill-fated event.

According to the Indian government, more than thousands of families are listed as Kashmiri refugees including some Sikh and Muslim families. These families were resettled in Jammu, Delhi-NCR, and other neighbouring states. Only a few hundred families of Kashmiri Pandits continued to live in the Kashmir valley.