Kashmir Police Officers Quit Fearing Threats From Terrorists

Why are Police Officers from Kashmir fearing for their security? Threats and Fear of the terrorists prompted two Special Police Officers (SPOs) to announce their resignation in the local mosques in the troubled Kashmir region. 

An SPO of the Kashmir Police in Pulwama district announced his resignation in the local mosque during Friday prayers. The SPO announced his departure from the police department on the mosque loudspeaker and begged for people’s forgiveness.

Another SPO announced his resignation by a letter addressed to the Imam of a local mosque in Kashmir’s Pulwama district. The letter was read out by the Imam in which the SPO said he was resigning from his duties.

These two resignations come against the backdrop of kidnappings and eventual liberation of three cops and family members of nine others by terrorists in south Kashmir. Kashmiri Militants went on a rampage and ransacked the houses of the serving policemen, abducting three cops and family members of nine other policemen in various districts of highly volatile South Kashmir.

The resignation comes after Pakistan based militant outfit Hizbul Mujahideen chief operations commander Riyaz Naikoo set a three-day ultimatum to the Kashmir Police to release the family members of the terrorists or else they would be forced to take countermeasures.

Kashmiri Militants had threatened the policemen against slapping Public Safety Act (PSA) on people saying it will invite severe consequences. The Hizbul chief had said that the Kashmir Police had become a frontline in this war.

“We have nothing to do with you. We are fighting India. But you are on the forefront. If your officer is forcing you to do certain things, you should quit the job. We will then deal with him,” he had said in an audio message.

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