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‘High Risk’ of Miscalculation from North Korea : UN’s Jeffrey Feltman

Jeffrey Feltman, a UN official who returned from Pyongyang after speaking to North Korean officials has said that he is worried about North Korea making an accidental move towards an increasing conflict between Washington and Pyongyang. According to him, he is “Really Worried about an Accidental Step by North Korea”.

The UN Official who is also an American citizen and the United Nations Secretary-General for political affairs told a reputed news channel on Thursday that he is concerned about  “lack of communication” and the “high risk of some kind of miscalculation.”

US-North Korea: How will North Korea React to US Invasion?

Tensions between North Korea and the United States have risen considerably in the past year. Many in Washington consider North Korea’s nuclear capability an imminent threat to the humanity after Pyongyang’s weapons programs have passed critical thresholds.

Jeffery Feltman, who is also the highest-level UN official, visited Pyongyang after 2011 and spent approximately 20 hours discussing the conflicting issues with North Korean officials. Feltman has previously served as an American assistant secretary of state.

North Korea Does Not Trust Trust the US: Jeffrey Feltman

“The lack of trust in their mind meant that they had to rely on deterrence – meaning military deterrence – rather than on diplomatic dialogue” In the long-term, he said they understood the need for diplomacy sai,  Jeffery Feltman.

“I think that at least in terms of long-term aspirations, North Koreans understand that there has to be peaceful denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, that there has to be some kind of arrangement that’s based on a diplomatic solution.”: Jeffery Feltman

During numerous occasions and especially during the presidential campaign, Donald Trump said he was open to sitting down with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. However, his tone after becoming the President has become increasingly confrontational, said North Korean officials.

Previous attempts to find a diplomatic solution to impede North Korea’s nuclear aspirations have failed. The policy-makers in Washington have appeared reticent to start a new round of negotiations until Kim’s regime makes some sort of effort to show it will negotiate in good faith, and not cheat on its agreements. What that signal is, and whether there are any preconditions that must be met before talks begin, has been the subject of open debate.

A North Korean official was keen to show his country’s nuclear prowess, stating “before we can engage in diplomacy with the Trump administration, we want to send a clear message that the DPRK has a reliable defensive and offensive capability to counter any aggression from the United States.”

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