Japan Extends Cooperation Towards Taiwan, China Left Fuming and Complaining

Tokyo is keen to strike a deeper cooperation in Japan-Taiwan relations as the two nations are planning coordinated smart machinery development. Japan has shown a willingness to turn Taiwan into a machinery hub while other nations are slowly shifting their diplomatic recognition towards Beijing. China would surely be irked by Japan’s cooperation towards Taiwan for Japan and China have been at loggerheads in several issues.

Japan and Taiwan are looking forward to developing a long-term cooperation mechanism in which they will undertake the development and exchange of smart machinery. Taiwan is keen to partner with Japan so that it can gain on Japan’s elaborative experience in terms of developing smart machinery and turn into a machinery hub. Taiwan wants to maintain its competitive advantage in terms of manufacturing which it enjoys over China.

This extended cooperation between Taiwan and Japan comes under Taiwan’s Smart Machinery Industrial Promotion Program. This program is aimed at enhancing Taiwan’s competitive advantage and to transform Taiwan into a manufacturing hub.

This support from Japan comes at a time when countries are pulling back their diplomatic recognition of Taiwan. El Salvador was the latest nation to change its diplomatic allegiance to China and abandon ties with Taiwan. The announcement of this cooperation came on the sidelines of the ongoing Taiwan Automation Intelligence and Robot Show in Tapei. Taiwan had invited Japanese investors and businessmen to the event so as to gain from their experience as Japan has been a key nation in terms of smart machinery for long.

The big question is, will this further dent Japan-China relations? China holds strong objections to any nation which extends any cooperation towards Taiwan. China had recently made more than 40 international airlines to change their reference of Tapei and abide by the ‘One China’ policy under which China wants nations to recognise Taiwan as a part of China and not an independently governed island.

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