Japan Coast Guard Delegation visits Indian headquarter in Mumbai

Japan Coast Guard delegations’ visit to Indian Coast Guard headquarter in Mumbai is focused on strengthening the relations between the Coast Guards of two countries. This collaboration will focus on coordination in a more functional way and perform joint operations in the future. India and Japan already share deep economic, cultural, historical and defence ties and both nations are working to align themselves against rising China.

An eight-member delegation of Japan Coast Guard visited Regional Headquarters of the Coast Guard at Worli in Mumbai, India on Monday. The visit was directed at establishing the ties between the Coast Guards of two nations for better coordination and joint operations in future, said a defence release.

The Coast Guard of Japan has had a regular presence in the Bay of Bengal since 2000 as part of ‘Sahyog-Kaijin’ activities with the Indian Coast Guard, it said. A joint Indo-Japan Coast Guard practice was held at the beginning of this year, in January, off Chennai coast.

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