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Japan and Germany Are Neighbours: Pakistan Defends Imran Khan’s Error

Pakistan PM Imran Khan stirred-up a storm when he stated that the European nation – Germany and Japan (located in Asia) are neighbours during a press talk in Tehran.

PM Khan was giving an example of how European countries, Germany and France, set up joint industries in the border regions to bolster economic ties. But he mixed France with Japan. The social media was quick to respond by schooling the former star cricketer about history and geography.

Among those was Pakistan Peoples Party chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari. “Our prime minister thinks that Germany and Japan share a border,” he said with a bemused smiley emoticon. “How embarrassing,” he said and tagged the official account of the University of Oxford. “This is what happens when you [Oxford University] let people in just because they can play cricket.”

Responding to the PPP chairman’s jibe, Special Assistant to the PM on Media Iftikhar Durrani clarified that the premier did not say that Germany and Japan are neighbours. “He said the two countries had managed to boost economic ties with their neighbours.” Durrani blamed Bilawal and critics for being unable to comprehend the prime minister’s words.

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