Japan Deploys Helicopter Carrier in the Indo-Pacific Region Amid Chinese Threats

Amid the perpetual China-Japan War Scenario over the Indo-Pacific Region, Japan will be deploying its Helicopter Carrier to the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean. As per the Japanese officials, the deployment of Japanese Helicopter Carrier comes out of Tokyo’s aspirations to increase its maritime presence in the Indo-Pacific Region. The two-month tour of the large Helicopter Carrier from Japan will begin in September as reported by Reuters

Japanese Helicopter Carrier

This is for the second straight year that Japan will be deploying a helicopter carrier in the region. As per a Japanese official, this move is to promote the idea of a free and open Indo-Pacific Navigation. Sources revealed that Kaga, the helicopter carrier of Japan will make stops in several South Asian nations including India, Sri Lanka and Indonesia in September.

Kaga is a 248-metre long Japanese helicopter career which is capable of operating several helicopters simultaneously. Kaga will be accompanied by an escort ship in the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean. Officials said that it will also undertake joint ad hoc drills with warships from other nations in the region. Last year Japan had sent Izumo, the sister ship of Kaga on this tour to the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean.

What does Japan’s growing presence in the South China Sea mean?

This move reflects the fact that Japan perhaps shares its concerns with the US on the dispute of the South China Sea. The South China Sea has trade routes passing through it which are of immense importance to the economies of Japan and the United States.

The US also conducts regular patrols in the region citing the freedom of navigation. Japan has, however, not participated in the freedom of navigation operations of the US. As for the Indian Ocean, tensions have emerged between India and China given China’s increased presence in and around the Maldives.

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