Why is Rex Tillerson Opposing Ivanka Trump’s Visit to India?

Is Rex Tillerson Opposing Ivanka Trump’s Visit to India? US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has decided not to send a group of key diplomats to the upcoming business summit in India because the American delegation is led by Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump. This was reported on Saturday by CNN.

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According to his sources in the US foreign affairs department, the Secretary of State’s decision was dictated not by any economic reason, but due to disregard for the daughter of the American leader – Donald Trump in the light of the tension between him and Tillerson. As the channel notes, in the past, this summit on entrepreneurship (Global Entrepreneurship Summit) was attended by former US President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State John Kerry.

Why is Tillerson Opposing Ivanka Trump?

This time, according to CNN, the approach of the foreign policy department is different. “Anyone who is older than the Deputy Assistant Secretary of State is not allowed to participate, the Secretary of State and his aides insisted that all trips must be agreed, even their smallest details,” one source said. According to him, Tillerson and his entourage “will not send any of the high-ranking officials, because they do not want to support Ivanka Trump.”

According to the source, this is a new “split between the White House and the State Department.” In October, the NBC television station reported that Tillerson earlier this year allegedly disparaged Trump and threatened to resign because of disagreement with him on a number of domestic issues. Later, the Secretary of State denied this information, and Trump called on NBC to apologize for publishing false news. The channel refused to do this, saying its message was reliable. NBC also claimed that Tillerson’s days as US Secretary of State were actually numbered.

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Donald Trump said in June that his daughter – Ivanka Trump will head the US delegation at an international business summit that opens on November 28. Ivanka Trump previously produced her own lines of jewelry, shoes and accessories. She actively helped her father to conduct an election campaign, including participating in agitation rallies and public speeches. Currently, Ivanka Trump works in the White House, she is officially listed as a civil servant, holding the post of one of the presidential advisors, but does not receive a salary.