ISRO – The Indian Space Agency Sets Sight On “Mission Venus” By 2023

ISRO has taken its first step towards Mission Venus planned for 2023. ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) issued an announcement of opportunity (AO) to the international space community to propose their scientific payloads to be carried on the Venus mission.

This AO for space-based experiments to study Venus is open to international scientists from multiple space agencies, research laboratories, academic institutions and universities.

The Indian Space Research Organisation in its announcement posted on its website, said “Proposals are solicited from the international scientific community for novel space-based experiments to study specific areas of science interest on Venus.

This AO has a definite objective to identify key science experiments that complement overall science from the suite of pre-selected proposals from India on ISRO’s Venus mission.”

Proposals are anticipated to be currently involved in planetary exploration studies, the development of science instruments for space, and enthusiastic to develop space-worthy experiments, besides having access to associated facilities for test and instrument calibration. Proposals will be accepted until midnight (IST) of December 20, 2018, ISRO said.

ISRO said it has identified broad research interests in Venus, which include researching the planet’s surface/subsurface features and re-surfacing processes; its atmospheric chemistry, dynamics and composition variations; and interaction with solar radiation/solar wind.

The satellite’s proposed highly inclined orbit around Venus is presumed to be around 500 Km X 60,000 km, which is likely to be reduced gradually, over several months to a decrease the satellite’s farthest point from Venus while in an elliptical orbit, depending on the final spacecraft configuration.

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