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Indian Air Forces To Select & Train Crew For ISRO’s Gaganyaan Project

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) revealed that ten candidates will be part of the first manned space mission. ISRO has passed authority of selection and training of crew for Gaganyaan project to Indian Armed Forces.

Gaganyaan – India’s 1st Space Manned Mission Scouting For Astronauts

Indian Space Research Organisation chairman K Sivan informed that the selection of crew will be based on specific criteria. ISRO has authorised Indian Air Force for crew selection as well as training. The training will take place at two different locations i.e. the IAF’s Institute of Aerospace Medicine in Banglore and in some foreign country.

“We want IAF to train 10 candidates for the Gaganyaan mission. Out of them, we will pick the final three for the maiden space journey. On crew training abroad, the chairman said they have two-three countries like Russia and France in mind and but “no final call has been taken yet,” Sivan said.

ISRO introduced the Human Space Flight Center at the bureau in Bangluru on January 30, 2019. The center is well equipped for working on ISRO’s Gaganyaan Project which includes planning missions and developing engineering systems essential surviving in space. ISRO will organize unmanned missions with the help of robots before manned missions scheduled to take place in December in 2021.

ISRO needs all the support system loaded with high-level technologies like crew module, crew escape system, environmental control, and life support system. ISRO is also working on a high-level form of the GSLV-MkIII.

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