Israel’s Spike Anti-Tank Guided Missile Set To Be Cleared by India

The defence acquisition council may clear Israel’s Spike anti-tank guided missile deal for the Indian Army. The defence relation between India and Israel seems to go strong with this decision. The Spike anti-tank guided missile deal is worth Rs 3,742 crore, which got sunk after discussions began in 2009.

It has taken a decade and apparently, the visit by the Prime Minister of Israel to India, but the defence system the armoured corps has been waiting for, is now going to be made available. The Spike anti-tank guided missile is eventually looking like arriving. It is likely to be taken up by the defence acquisition council on September 28th. It is a government-to-government decision and is all set to be freed.

The Spike deal consists of 4,500 rockets, 172 launchers and will cost about Rs 3,742 crore. It has night firing capabilities, something the Army wanted and has a range of between 2 and 4 km. Importantly, it can replace weapon systems like the Milan that were extensively used in the 1999 Kargil war as of all things, bunker busters.

The Spike anti-tank guided missile deal was buried after discussions began in 2009. The Defence Research and Development Organisation had promised an ATGM but it is still not absolutely ready.

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to India may have rescued the deal, said the top sources. It surfaced as an inter-government agreement after the visit. The trials have long been performed and there is noteworthy optimism that the deal will be done soon.

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