Have Israeli Strikes on Syria Gone Down After Acquiring S-300 Missiles?

Have Russian S-300 Missile Defence Systems been able to create an impact in Syria? When the Syrian air defense forces mistakenly shot down a Russian military aircraft, Israel has not carried out a single military operation in Syria, as per reports in Contra Magazin. As per by the Austrian edition of the report, the reason for no strikes on Syria is due to the supply of S-300 missile defence systems to Damascus.

Israel insisted that it would not stop the bombing of Syria, but since then there has not been a single report about an Israeli offensive in any of the media reports. However, Jerusalem said that after September 17, it was conducting military operations synchronised with Mscow on the territory of Syria.

As the author of the article notes, with such statements Israel underlines its determination to continue striking in Syria of its own accord, but the shortage of press reports raises serious doubts.

Until September 17, Israel carried out military operations with complete impunity in Syriw which were widely covered in the media. At the same time, the version that attacks continued, and they simply stopped writing and filming reports about them, can be practically excluded, emphasizes Contra Magazin.