When Israeli Hi-Tech Bombs Succeeded in Palestine But Failed in Kashmir

Critics have blamed India and Israel for subduing the freedom movements in Kashmir and Palestine with muscle and might. With deepening India and Israel defense relations, Israel offered its Skunk bomb to India last year which had done wonders in Palestine for the Israel defense forces.

EurAsian Times analyses why the bomb was disapproved by the Indian security forces.

This Skunk bomb was then tested by the Indian security forces on the public and on CRPF staff. A stink bomb developed in Israel smells of sewers and is used to control the crowd.

But the stink bomb which has been very successful in Palestine for crowd control failed to flush out protesters and was deemed useless for Kashmir operations.

According to the Indian newspaper HT, India’s Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) tested the stinking liquid on the public and also on CRPF personnel in the country’s capital, Delhi. Instead of holding their noses and running away to retch, the test team “managed to tolerate the smell without much difficulty,” one official said.

The military forces in India are looking for non-lethal ways to control protesters and stone-pelting in Kashmir and in other areas of the country.

Israeli security forces have been using the stink bomb — named Skunk – on Palestinian protesters since 2008 and sell the material to armies and law implementation organizations around the globe.

Skunk is mixed with water and fired through water cannons for crowd control. While the bomb is harmless, it has a smell that can remain for days, even after rainfalls.

A Reuters reporter described the smell as follows: “Imagine taking a lump of rotten carcass from the sewer, placing it in a blender and spraying the filthy liquid on your face. Your gag reflex goes off the charts and you can’t escape, because the nauseating stench persists for days.”

But this stink bomb was not approved to be used in the Kashmir valley because it was neither deemed effective nor the Indian government approved of causing trouble to masses for a few miscreants.

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