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Israel Iran War Certain Under the Trump Administration?

Is Israel Iran War on Cards? Firstly, the UN fears the consequences of the closure of the representation of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in the United States. This was announced on Monday, November 20, by the special coordinator of the Middle East peace process Nikolay Mladenov at a meeting of the Security Council of the world organization, AFP reported.

“I am concerned about the consequences of recent developments concerning the PLO office in the United States. We can hope for the advancement of the world only with the continuation of constructive dialogue, and I urge all parties to remain, participants of peace efforts, “Mladenov said.

After Saudi King, Israel PM Netanyahu Hails Trump’s Iran Move

He expressed hope for the success of “critical” talks between the Palestinian movements of Fatah and Hamas, which will begin on Tuesday in Cairo. The emissary urged their leaders to “seize this opportunity and open a new page” in their history, starting with the achievement of a “comprehensive agreement”.

November 18, it became known that the US State Department did not extend the work permit for the PLO office after the Palestinians tried to appeal to the International Criminal Court (ICC) with accusations against the Israeli authorities. Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki said on Sunday that closing the PLO in the US would harm the Middle East peace process and Washington’s role in it.

Nikolay Mladenov thanked Egypt for efforts to reconcile the Palestinians, which, he said, is an indispensable condition for the settlement of the conflict. According to him, “many attempts” to overcome the split between the Palestinian factions have failed in recent years. Mladenov expressed the hope that the initiative of Cairo will be successful. “We can not allow these efforts to become a missed opportunity,” said the coordinator of the Middle East process. Mladenov noted that “from the very beginning” he interacted with the Egyptian authorities, the Palestinian National Authority (PNA), regional and international players. “Everyone understands that under the current conditions, failure will destroy the hope for reconciliation in the near future,” he added. Mladenov welcomed the return of the PNA to the Gaza Strip and the restoration of control over the checkpoints leading to the enclave.

Mladenov urged the Palestinian leaders to immediately tackle the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. “After several years of blockade, the situation in the enclave is close to exploding,” the special coordinator for the Middle East process stressed.

Israel Iran War: How Israel’s Saved the World by Attacking Iraq’s Nuclear Reactors?

As history does not stop, new wars continue to ripen. And in view of the existence of nuclear weapons in nature, they threaten the world with catastrophic consequences. The Western world realized with a great delay that it was rescued by Israel, which bombed on June 7, 1981, Iraqi nuclear reactor Osirak, which was on the verge of launch. This reactor, designed for the production of plutonium, was created by Saddam Hussein in France. According to Soviet experts, in the presence of specialists with the help of this reactor, Iraq in 1983 could produce 3 atomic bombs, and in 1985 – 5 bombs. The UN Security Council condemned Israel for aggression, and Ronald Reagan imposed sanctions on Israel, stopping the delivery of weapons.

Israel repeated this operation on September 5, 2007 – against the Syrian nuclear reactor in Deer A-Zur. This reactor was made by North Korean specialists.

The history of the North Korean atomic bomb is a drama of modern non-resolution under the guise of the peacefulness of mature conflicts. The nuclear program of the DPRK was created by the USSR, later China provided assistance. The issue of the North Korean bomb became actual, unfortunately, in Bill Clinton’s cadence  – in 1993. On the instructions of Clinton, Assistant Secretary of State Wendy Sherman discussed with the PRC an agreement under which America generously offered four billion to the North Koreans for not going ahead with the bomb. Similarly, Clinton reacted to the threat to America from terrorism. He could have eliminated bin Laden and beheaded Al-Qaeda, but three times he canceled the prepared operations to destroy the head of terrorists. The inevitable act of terrorism happened, but already in the cadence of Bush Jr. Who will remember that the blame for 9/11 is borne by the peace-loving Clinton?

Israel Iran War: Can Israel Destroy Iran’s Nuclear Reactors?

Iran’s nuclear program is widely believed to target and destroy Israel, which the Iranian mullahs also called the first target of their bomb. But Obama used all the power of the US intelligence and political apparatus to prevent an Israeli attack and allow Iran to build nuclear weapons. Many experts also suggested that Americans would shot down Israeli aircraft if they went on a military mission against Iranian targets.

Iran – Saudi Arabia: Volcanoes of Confrontation

In January 2017, Donald Trump, having taken the most responsible post in the world, inherited from the indecisive Clinton and pro-Islamist Obama a world fraught with serious problems. He tries to extinguish the North Korean threat by painting retribution that can bring down on Kim’s fiefdom, and at the same time with the mouth of his secretary of the state offering Kim rewards for acceptable behavior. Since the vital activity of North Korea depends on its patron of China, the US president also included the North Korean issue in the context of US-China relations.

Iran’s Obsession over the Middle-East may Trigger Israel Iran War

Iran controls Iraq, Syria, through its client Hezbollah Lebanon, supports Hamas. Armed with Iran, the tribes defeat the Saudi allies in the civil war raging in strategically important Yemen.

Iranian ballistic missiles now have a radius of more than two thousand kilometers, covering most of Europe. As for the atomic bomb, the question is only this: Has Iran already secretly created it, or will it be ready when it decides to do so?

How are Western countries preparing for a new reality in which an aggressive power with the program of Islamization of the world will have nuclear weapons, suitable, at least, for their blackmail? Europeans have learned a method of communicating with such troubles in ostriches, hiding when approaching danger, head into the sand. This method they have already used in a clash with Hitlerism. While willingly concluding economic deals with Iran, the Europeans in every possible way enliven the Iranian economy.

US and Trump are our ‘Number one Enemy’: Ayatollah Ali Khamenei

President Trump refused on September 15 to certify Iran’s compliance with Obama’s “shameful” agreement as violating the spirit of this treaty. Iran’s full support for terrorism, Trump suggests, was not envisaged by the treaty. The US Senate is invited to develop and adopt new sanctions against the main sponsor of terrorism in the world. However, it is not clear whether other American politicians will support the president. So, his rival in the last election Hillary Clinton stated: “Trump’s threat to deny the certification of the 2015 agreement with Iran makes us look small and stupid, and plays into Iran’s hands …” To say such a profound nonsense is the professional skill of politicians. But even the Minister of Defense and the Chief of Staff in the Trump administration do not sound completely in tune with their boss.

US-North Korea: How will North Korea React to US Invasion?

Perhaps, Israel will have to save itself from the Iranian atomic bomb alone. Learning during the years of the Holocaust, as well as in times of hard battles for the survival of the Arab aggressors, the price of solidarity of the civilized world, the Jews understand that it is better to rely on oneself. I am not familiar with the plans of the Israeli General Staff, but the Iranians should alert the importunate reports of the Israelis about the submarines of the class “Dolphin” they acquired from Germany.  Israel also bluntly stated that for them countering Iran is their topmost priority, which has openly declared its goal to destroy the “Zionist entity”. With these open threats from Iran, and subsequent backing from Saudi Arabia and the US, the world may see an Israel Iran War during the Trump administration.

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