Israel Equips Its Sa’ar 6 Warships With Advanced Radar Systems

ELTA Systems received a contract to supply the Israel Navy four of the world’s most advanced radar systems for the new Sa’ar 6 warships. Israel wants to equip its navy with better and reliable innovative technology to enhance its military capabilities.

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The ELM-2248 MF-STARs multi-function digital radar systems produced by ELTA Systems, are based on the latest Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) technology. The AESA technology allows for faster threat alert response time, as well as better accuracy to track multiple targets and different types of targets.

Yoav Tourgeman, IAI VP and CEO of ELTA said: “The MF-STAR was designed from the ground up with innovative and reliable technologies, based on our experience of over half a century of producing and deploying a vast array of radar systems.”

“The Israel Navy selected this version as it is optimized for the design of the Sa’ar 6 vessel, offering maximum performance,” read a statement released by the company.

Gil Roth, director of naval systems, land and naval radars and systems division at ELTA, said: “the radar sensor is the most important sensor on the ship, it provides most of the data for the ship’s awareness, and tells what’s going on from on the ship itself to hundreds of kilometers away. It’s the world’s most advanced 3D digital radar system.”

“While the system has also been installed on the Sa’ar 5, the system which will be installed on the Sa’ar 6 will be larger and will provide enhanced performance in detection range and accuracy”, Roth told the media.

Roth explained saying, “if there’s a new threat in the environment the Israel Navy and Elta can very easily change the system to handle new threats.”

The construction of the four Sa’ar 6 warships is part of a 430 million euro deal between Israel and the German company ThyssenKrupp in 2015. The first ship is expected to arrive at the end of 2019 with the last by 2021. The Ships will also defend Israel’s offshore natural gas reserves as well as other strategic maritime assets.

Israel’s military believes that the new Sa’ar 6 will also maintain “Israel’s sovereignty in the near and far seas, destroying the enemy’s war fleets and significantly contributing to complex and secret missions in the war-between-war campaign.”

The new 90-meter-long ships will be fitted with two Naval Iron Dome short-range defence missile launchers with 20 Tamir missiles for each launcher and the Barak-8 long-range surface-to-air missile naval defence system.

As far as the interception missile defence systems are concerned, the ships will also have 16 anti-ship missiles, one 76mm Oto Melara Super Rapid main gun, two Typhoon 25mm remote weapon stations and two 324mm torpedo launchers for MK54 Lightweight Torpedos. Each ship will be equipped with the cyber and electronic warfare systems.

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